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Select Lincolnshire

The Select Lincolnshire project, funded by Lincolnshire County Council, was set up in 2005 in response to a government drive to ensure UK farming has a sustainable future and is in line with Defra’s stated objectives of “Working in Partnership” to develop a sustainable, modern, diverse and adaptable farming industry.

Select Lincolnshire aims to showcase the range and quality of Lincolnshire produce and is a provenance marque that is about the protection and development of jobs in Lincolnshire.

It is a key project of the Lincolnshire Forum for Agriculture and Horticulture which is a public and private sector partnership with support from local authorities as well as individual companies and organisations including the National Farmers' Union. 

Lincolnshire is the jewel in the UK Food Industry’s crown.  If Kent is the garden of England, Lincolnshire is its farmstead.  No other county can match it for the richness, versatility and fertility of its soils.  It has the greatest proportion of Grade 1 land in England from which it produces more fresh produce that any other county and has world class packing and processing businesses to match.

From cereals to daffodils, from vitamin packed potatoes to health preserving cauliflowers, from pigs and sheep to Lincoln Red beef, from delicious sausages to plum bread, the quality and flavour of Lincolnshire’s produce is superb.  Also its high productivity and ideal central position results in as low a food “carbon footprint” as you will find in the UK.

Food and Farming is estimated to contribute £1 billion to the economy of the county.  In terms of both value and employment the sector is the third biggest in Lincolnshire.  This county, dedicated to the production of first class food and flowers, with in parts up to 50% of its population employed in the food and farming industry, has a food heritage and provenance which is second to none. 

Did You Know

  • Lincolnshire is the largest potato producer in the UK
  • Lincolnshire is the largest wheat producer in the UK
  • Lincolnshire is the largest poultry producer in the UK
  • Lincolnshire is the largest cereal production area in the UK
  • Lincolnshire is the second largest sugar beet producer in the UK
  • Lincolnshire is the fifth largest pig producer in England
  • Lincolnshire is an internationally significant horticultural area with
  • 38% of UK bulb flowers grown in the County.

Source: Defra Census (2006) 

Last updated: 11 October 2012